Sunday, July 25, 2004

Zero divided by Pi (diary)

That's right...nothing again.

Okay, sure, I went to a cottage and stuff, but nothing much actually happened (nothing worth bitching about, at least).

I went to get my hair cut today, and the lady put some really smelly shit in my hair (well, actually it was on her razor) that affected my asthma...but it wasn't so bad that I feel I need to bitch about.

Also at the mall, I got supper. It was close to closing time, so I got all the sweet & sour pork that was left (which was quite a bit). I didn't eat all of it, but nobody else would have, either, so that's fine.

Coming home from the mall, I encountered a few cars, none of which signalled. I find it a bit ironic that the only person who signals is a cyclist.

Man, I really wish something would happen so that I could bitch about it!

The Ottawa Sun published an article that essentially says "not enough people are scared by our obsessive fearmongering of the bike paths!" They also invariably refer to the pathways as "bike paths", even, as in this case, when they are reporting on the activities of non-cyclists. Fucking stupid Sun. The editors must all suffer from an incurable case of the Mean World Syndrome. I'm sure more people genuinely read Playboy for the articles than the Sun.

I'd complain more about the Sun, but I have the good fortune not to read it, so I don't know enough about it to give it the full critique it deserves. But of course, even if I could, I would hope that nobody reading my blog entry would be able to relate to it anyway.

Man, that's pretty disappointing. Nothing much of note happened this whole weekend. I guess that's it, then.

- RG.

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