Saturday, July 17, 2004

Companies I now officially HATE... (announcement)

I suppose that in addition to the two coimpanies I will describe below, I also hate companies such as ExxonMobil, Microsoft and Wal-Mart, but perhaps not officially (yet!).

No, the ones that I officially hate are ones I have actually used, and their services/products have completely screwed me over. (and after Blogspot messing up a few times, I'm thinking of adding it to the list too!!!)

The two companies are Rogers and Corel. More specifically, Rogers Wireless, Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, and Corel Draw.

Two boxing days ago, I was at an evil big-box computer supply store and bought a copy of CorelDRAW Essentials for $150. I assumed that $150 was a significant amount of money, and since the box was new, so too was the stuff inside. I later found out that this was actually just a re-packaging of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT that
were literally two versions old.

I installed the software, registered it, and having no projects to make with it, left it to sit.

A couple of months later, I came back to do some work. It was probably a pamphlet or something. After a few minutes of working, it crashed. Then whenever I tried to save, print, or publish to .pdf, it crashed. I downloaded the patch, which effectively did nothing. I tried to use the free online support, but I found that
that had expired one month after I registered. I emailed them, and they responded, but whatever they said didn't help either.

I later found out that the motherboard on my (father's) IBM NetVista was faulty, as the capacitors had 'exploded' (in the words of the Nerds On Site guy). Although IBM had issued recalls for similar models with the exact same problem, they wouldn't fix the problem (actually, we had had many problems shortly after buying the computer, but they didn't find this cause at the time, and by the time I found out what the problem really was, the warranty had long expired, and it probably isn't worth replacing the mboard). Okay, better make that Rogers, Corel, and IBM.

I later installed CorelDRAW Essentials onto my new laptop, which AFAIK does not have a faulty motherboard. The fucking program still crashes. I have gotten around the problem by going through the following process:
  1. Open the program and the document I'm working on

  2. Do one thing

  3. Save the document

  4. Wait for CorelDRAW to crash

  5. Repeat

Okay, I'm getting tired and bored. I'll talk about Rogers later.

- RG.

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cbeck said...

Corel is a useless waste of software. I haven't had the crash problem, but things I make never format properly into different software or applications. When I bought my most recent computer, I took great joy in immediately going to add/remove, vanquishing the little so an so's, and playing frisbee with the accompanying reinstall disks.