Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mattel Steals More From Children (commentary)

If you've seen today's paper, you'll notice that a little girl has won a prize of $1500 and a special edition 45th anniversary doll from Barbie for designing some new doll outfit.

I find this deplorable, that companies are getting their customers (especially ones who don't get any prize money but are still required to forfeit the rights to their submissions) to give them free product development, and spend only $1500 plus change to get a new product and a bunch of free advertising in the media. How many millions of dollars in revenue is Mattel going to make off of this new product, and how many hundreds of thousands are they going to save in advertising by having the media "report" on this "contest"?

Not only that, but then they are going to get the same children who lost out on this contest to pay for one.

No Logo.

- RG.


Krista said...

You posted on my BLOG the other day, so I decided to take a look at yours. OMG!!! You are hilarious. I have read through all your posts, and you are one of the(unintentional) funniest people in the world. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. Keep it up, I will definately keep reading. //K

monocle barbie said...

OMG! That girl was me!!! Guess what outfit I submitted...