Sunday, July 04, 2004

Another song... (diary)

I wrote another song today.

Not on purpose, I just did. It's not a funny song, so I won't post the lyrics.

It sounds like a serious song, and the lyrics could easily be interpreted, but they would be interpreted wrong, because they really have no meaning.

That's how I write songs; some interesting little couple of lines come into my head somehow, and I work from there. Most often they don't make it out of the shower, but I decided to write it down for the future.

My serious songs often have a depressed, and/or desparate aire to them. My humourous songs tend to be bitter, malicious, or ironic. I think this is mostly because these types of songs are easier to write (I mean, how many books don't have any of these elements? Okay, decent books...)

I suppose this is also because I don't really care for writing songs that are all lovey-dovey.

My most popular song I wrote with a friend on a band trip to Austria. The song was called "get out of my face". Everyone thought it was funny...the first few times we sang it.

Anyways. I should probably do something a bit more constructive, like research for my talk on the science of cycling safety. (as you can tell, I totally suck at conclusions)

- RG.

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