Saturday, July 03, 2004

meh. (diary)

So I got a call yesterday from the Citizen's letters section saying that they are "considering my letter for publication." Having had eight letters printed in that paper already, I know this means "we're probably going to print it, but we won't say for sure so that you don't sue us." It should be printed in the next couple of days.

The cable running to my bike computer from the sensors broke (the handlebars must have twisted too much the wrong way and it just yanked the cable), so I had to go to the bike shop to order a new base-cable-sensor (28 bucks). While I was there, I bought a new helmet.

I'm amazed at how much helmet technology has improved since my last helmet. They actually have a free-floating plastic strap system that holds on to your head (like Hard-hats) that adjusts to literally grasp your head. You can turn your head upside-down and shake your head (lightly), and it won't come off--without the straps!

This is far superior to the previous system, where you had to try to get foam pads that will get the helmet to fit properly (mine never could because of the shape of the helmet). For comparison, think of the old system like wearing a hard, clunky barrel, and the new system like wearing lightweight, breathable shorts with a drawstring.

The detachable visor is also much better. Instead of before, where velcro stickers kept it on (or at least were supposed to), this new kind clips into brackets that are actually moulded into the helmet, not attached later.

As a promoter of safe cycling, I would definitely suggest getting this new kind of helmet.

Actually, any helmet that is older than five years (there should be a sticker inside with the manufacturing date) should be replaced. The foam material will get more brittle over time, rendering the helmet useless during an impact. This process can be accelerated if the helmet is left in the sun (not unlike how newsprint turns yellow).

Nothing else special has happened. I got groceries yesterday (with my bike, of course). I think it was a new record of $65 in my two panniers.

- RG.

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