Wednesday, July 07, 2004

so, yeah... (diary)

I had fun yesterday teaching kids the science of cycling safety at a science camp, and I think they did, too. I made sure I had lots of prizey-things to give them, as well as helmet posters and little info packages.

I was surprised, though. It turns out, the previous day they had visited the exact same site that I had gotten some information from--I was telling them about how many kilometers you could go on a banana, and one of the kids just spits out the exact numbers! Quite surprising.

I called my Dad to let him know I was coming home, but I stopped by the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre to say hi to the Pathway Patrol coordinator first. After a few minutes, my Dad called me asking where I was, because he was waiting to go.

...and I was like, "Go where?" Apparently, there was a swimming party at my Aunt and Uncle's place, which was a lot closer to the school where I gave the presentation then my home or RKLC is. So with my trailer on my bike, I went all the way back and met my Dad there.

Not much else. There was something stupid in the paper today. I'll post when I can think about it. Actually, if you want to learn about the Senate, and the arguments for and against an elected Senate, or if you want to know about Dominik Hasek, the newest Ottawa Senator (wink), you should pick up today's Ottawa Citizen (or go somewhere where you can read it for free).

- RG.

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