Thursday, July 29, 2004

Life is a waste of time (diary)

Someone pointed out to me today that the pamphlets I made for an event my group is holding and had 1000 printed professionally do not show the location of the event.

I had to make a stamp out of those annoying things where you have to assemble the individual rubber letters, and stamp all the remaining brochures (over 600!). That took me at least an hour.

I was hoping to go out to the east end of town to do some business, but it will have to wait thanks to all these hassles. It looks like tomorrow will be another long day.

BTW, I don't know why the doctor wrote "mono" on the blood test form, but after numerous calls to his clinic and $160 worth of drugs later, I found out that he (as well as my GP, who I also saw in the same timespan) prescribed me drugs for my asthma and allergies, not for this 'disease' I thought I had.

A hundred and sixty fucking dollars for allergy pills! (and nose spray, and steroid puffer).

I'd better make sure I don't breathe on any olympic athletes, for fear that they might get disqualified!

I've lost my train of thought. Not that I've lost it, just it's at the end of the line, and I don't have a transfer (aren't analogies wonderful!).

Anyway, I got home from cycling a while ago, and am considering taking a shower (I will be going back out for a Pathway Patrol at six, and will likely just get sweaty again. I have to change anyway.

I hate things that go wrong. Fuck them (not literally). I push myself too hard and make too many commitments.

I also say random things about myself to complete strangers. Remind me to make a "100 things about me" list sometime. I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty of accurate, non-related, coherent items (insert eye-rolling here).

Something inside me is stopping me from ending this post. It stopped being interesting at least three paragraphs ago. I'm just too tired to stop. No, it's that I can't think of a good way to end it.

Family Guy is coming back. The Ottawa Citizen referred to it as "Family Man", as an accidental Political Correction in the headline. Ha!

That's it. I promise.

- RG.

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