Friday, July 23, 2004

Someone is watching... (diary)

[Note: I had written this entry before, but then I accidentally opened another page in the same window and lost all the information before submitting it, so it will not be as good as it was the first time around. I hate that...]

I got a comment on one of my blog entries, and it resulted in many mixed emotions (to which I should add anger for having lost the original response to it!). Here is what that comment said:

Krista said...

You posted on my BLOG the other day, so I decided to take a look at yours. OMG!!! You are hilarious. I have read through all your posts, and you are one of the(unintentional) funniest people in the world. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. Keep it up, I will definately keep reading. //K


Now, because I'm Canadian, I was instinctively insulted by this. The whole point of having blogs on the internet is so that you can post things and think that other people are reading it, not so that you can post things and people actually do!

But anyway, I got over that. I then was curious about some of the things Krista meant. I'm a very analytical person. In fact, I put the "anal" in analytical (but not in a sexual way). What, exactly, is it that Krista finds amusing?

Of course, as Professor Heisenberg would tell you, simply by knowing that I am being observed I will change my behaviour. And although I may not be an atomic particle, I do know that I act differently when I get attention (I am usually more of an ass).

But then, knowing what certain people find interesting may lead to my posts catering to what they want to read, and not what I feel like writing about, in which case my entries may not have their certain on ne save pas that people like Krista find "hilarious".

Perhaps I could take it to a point where I encourage others to discuss. Then I would know that (or if) other people actually are reading it. But then, that would be more like a chatroom, and not like a blog. To me, a blog is like a personal Bah! That's stupid.

Then again, I don't really need to encourage others to comment on my posts. I should write what I feel like writing, and if others feel like responding, let them.

So I guess what I am saying is that somebody has read my posts and intends to read more in the future, because that person finds my posts "hilarious". Fine. I plan to post on average every day, except for the next two, because I'll be away. But I am not going to force myself to, much less commit to it.

Okay, this post has gone long enough. I'm going to end it with a sense of totally wasted effort. Maybe a few hours from now I'll square my shoulders, and start on up again (obscure Douglas Adams reference).

sigh (rolls eyes in boredom)

- RG.

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