Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let's hope I don't get sick

So today I started making a stir-fry, and didn't realize until I had already started that the only meat I had was this clump of stewing beef that's been in the freezer for as long as I can remember.

I took it out, defrosted it, and was disgusted by how much it smelled like dog food. Nevertheless, it was the only meat I had, so I cut it up. I tried discarding some of the less appetizing bits.

As I was cooking it, my roommate came in and assumed the dogfood smell was her cat, who had just gone for a bath in the toilet. I assured her that it was, in fact, my beef.

So I cooked it, and ate a portion. I couldn't bring myself to eat all of the meat I had served myself, as some of it tasted just too raunchy.

When I went back and took the lid off the wok, I detected the unmistakable smell of dog food. Not wanting to waste the vegetables that I had cooked, I threw out the remaining beef in the mix, at put the veggies in a plastic container for later consumption (or disposal, as necessary).

Anyway, I really hope that it doesn't make me sick before my 4pm shift.

- RG>

Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's been a while. Fuck you!

Heh heh. The "fuck you" is just for fun.

A lot has happened in the last week, much less since whenever I last posted.

I had my first meal at an Indian restaurant. I had originally planned on eating somewhere before meeting my friend there--an idea I got that last time I was at an Indian restaurant and couldn't get past the spicy bread--but I was actually quite satisfied with it. With encouragement, I could be pushed to go to another one.

I also got my very first full-time, permanent job this month. It ain't excactly CEO of MegaSuperCorp, but it's alright. Working the night shift sorta screws with my sleep (or rather, trying to juggle sleep and doing things while the rest of the world is running 9 to 5). I've been eating a lot at the nearby 24-hour diner.

Yesterday was the Great Glebe Garage Sale. After going through the entire Glebe and picking up only one thing (as well as stopping by the bike shop to get some work done), I ended up back at the very first place I had visited, to pick up the iron I had looked at, and the very second place to pick up the mixmaster (I had neglected to ask if it worked--the beaters don't stay in the holes).

Interestingly, nobody who was selling their ironing board was willing to part with only the cover, something which I had been seeking for a couple of weeks. I also wasn't willing to try to bring home an ironing board on my bike.

This morning, I had planned on going to Zellers to get one, but after visiting their website to get their hours, I was totally put off by the audio/video advertisement that didn't seem to have an STFU button. I e-mailed them to say that I would instead be purchasing my merchandise elsewhere, and I stopped short at saying that "elsewhere" was the Bay--Zellers' upscale corporate sibling.

Since I last blogged, I think I've been interviewed on the TV news twice, and been printed in the paper (in articles, letters to the editor, and media releases) a good handful of times. Since it's no longer a secret who I am, I may end up back-posting those letters and articles, as well as the ones that didn't make it in. [Edit: I think I'll use a separate blog for that, as Keith Lowell Jensen does]

I've also been thinking more about writing that "100 things about me" post. I've also noticed that I can save as a different time and date from when I actually post, so there are a few posts on here that are really quite useless.

Anyway, that's it.

- RG>