Monday, April 23, 2007

Poke me

I tend to go to a lot of meetings, and usually what comes out of those meetings is a lot of things for me to do.

Very often, months will pass before I look at my (handwritten) notes from that meeting, and I will see highlighted, asterisked, and underlined notes of things I should have done ages ago.

Since most of these items are "forward my e-mail on this subject to so-and-so" or "add this person to the e-mail list," I tend to ask that person to e-mail me a reminder to do that. I've done it for other people, too, with good results--just a one-line e-mail reminding them to do it.

At a meeting I was at tonight, I decided to use a name for this action. "Poke me about putting that item in the next newsletter." "Poke me to send you Jen's e-mail address."

I think it's quite appropriate, and I'm posting it here to poke myself into using it more often. Let's hope it gains wings.

- RG>