Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Mono-cycle (diary)

I went to a local clinic to find out whether I've just got really bad allergies, or if it's something worse. The doctor gave me paperwork to get bloodwork done, and it seems he suspects mono. I suspect it is not, as I've had "not-mono" before, and I'm not exactly the prime candidate for "the kissing disease".

Hell, I haven't even kissed much ass (figuratively, of course) any time recently.

I have an appointment with my GP (rather, her replacement while she's on holidays) tomorrow, and since my Student Health Plan only covers prescription meds I buy at the campus pharmacy, I'll have to get the pills there. (I couldn't get the doctor to look at me during that appointment because he can only tend to one ailment per visit, so I would have had to schedule a second appointment, and I'm seeing him to get an Rx for something else. Stupid red tape.)

Nevertheless, I was able to respond to a letter to the Citizen and attend a meeting via speakerphone (that's dedicated for you, eh?).

Apparently, some jackass opened his car door without looking, and she was unable to avoid it and collided with the door (she referred to this as an accident, but it was clearly preventable on the motorist's part). He then went to a payphone, got back in the car, and left without even offering help. In addition, a bunch of other jackasses on foot, bike, and car passed with no concern for the injured cyclist.

This is a case of hit-and-run (albeit a strange usage of "hit"). If someone is injured, it must be reported to the police, and all participants must stay on the scene. I sure hope that she got his licence plate number and that she reported him, but I don't think she got that far.

Ooooh, I'm so angry.

I hope I get better so I can go cycling again and help further the cause of cyclists.

- RG.

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