Friday, July 02, 2004


Balance is restored.

After punching out a letter to the citizen (on a similar topic to the one I was going to write, but in response to a different article) and sending it off, I phoned OC Transpo's Lost and found line (613-563-4011) and they have my camera!!!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy!

(for those of you who like those ugly smileys, you can imagine that I put some in there)

I haven't heard back from my editor about the article, but I'm not going to care about it very much right now.

I have to call the person at the science camp that I will be giving a talk on the science of cycling on today, then research for that talk, and hopefully everything will be back in order.

It's off to Heartwod House to pick up my cam...lalalala.

(then back home to lose it again--not!)

- RG.

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