Saturday, June 26, 2004

Feeling better

I'm feeling a bit better now.

I caught a bit of Star Trek IV: The Return Home. Does anyone know why the human race is doomed if they don't get two whales? I missed that part. Sounds pretty loopy to me.

Anyway, I got a bit of fresh air, and felt a bit better, but my eyes still hurt. Must be cabin fever.

I also made a little clipboard that attaches to the handlebars of my bike. I wanted to see if it was possible, and lo and behold, it is! I used a clip from a light that I never use, a piece of thin particle board that I cut to a small notepad size, and the clip from a very unusual binder that has been sitting unused in my room for a long time. A bit of advice to those of you setting out to make your own: position it on the handlebars before assembling it. You may have to offset it so it sits flush with the bars. Also, the rivets that hold a clip to a clipboard or to a binder are a real bitch to get out. Good luck.

I would have gone out to test it, but it was too close to sundown. I'll be going out tomorrow morning at 10:30 for the service at Greenboro transit station to unveil a plaque in honour of Darrell Richards, who was a longtime public transportation advocate.

I also plan to take detailed notes of the location of several holes on Scott St. (Eastbound), as well as a hill at the end of some small streets that turn off Scott. The former I will report to the City, as they are a hazard to cyclists, and the latter I will check out to see if the stairway there can be adapted to include a ramp for bicycles in an upcoming renovation.

Hopefully I won't encounter a stupid motorist at Island Park Drive again!

- RG.

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