Thursday, June 17, 2004

Fruit that isn't musical... (diary)

I've decided to quit hamburgers and hotdogs. It's the least I can do after seeing Super Size Me. The timing is interesting, too, because we still have a lot of hamburger buns left over from last weekend's party.

I made another fruit salad. This time I bought Red Delicious apples, and I fell that it gives it more colour variety. I also added grapes (although these were tiny!), and left out watermelon, because it made the other stuff soggy and icky.

I also made egg salad for sandwiches (instructions: boil some eggs, chop them up, add mayonnaise and maybe some salt. Makes about one sandwich per egg). This time, I added chopped lettuce ('cause there was some) and terragon and savory for something different. Not half bad if I say so myself! (Note: don't hard boil Omega 3 eggs. They're a pain in the patootin' to peel.)

I had a meeting last night, and I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow (in the morning, IIRC). I've been busy getting stuff ready for that, and overall being very tired. I took a multivitamin.

I went to MEC today to spend the gift certificate that a friend gave me for lending him my bike while T&L kept his hostage for repairs.

It took me a while to find something that I could convince myself I wanted to buy. I eventually got a PlanetBike red rear light and a Topeak Alien II to replace my PlanetBike multitool that I had gotten at a ride.

I still have to replace my VistaLite Headlight, whose light has melted and broken in too many ways for me to fix any more (don't leave it plugged in, even with the switch off - it will burn out!). I plan to buy the same thing, as my battery still works, the light is bright, and the battery fits with my mini pump's tube bracket. (LED headlights make you visible, but can't light the way very well).

I said I was going to link to someone else's blog. I'll have to figure out how to do that sometime. I'm sure I can figure it out by seeing how it's done at CrAzy/BeAutiFuL. I also added my name to the queue for the listing at Listed on Blogwise (Blogwise). It said there are 934 blogs in queue to be added by human volunteers, and I should expect to get listed in 12 days. Whoa.

I think I got enough links in there. TTFN

- RG

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