Monday, June 21, 2004

Not voting on June 28th (diary)

It's official, and I have no way to change my mind...I won't be voting on Monday, June 28th.

Neither will my Dad. But he has a reason. You see, he'll be out in the sticks on that day and the days surrounding it. I'll likely be sitting at home, reading up on the monday website updates, drawing up more documents, and probably watching tv. I suppose I'll also spend a bit of time preparing for my job interview the next day, and anticipating an uneventful Canada day.

Of course, the reason I won't be voting on the 28th is that I voted today. Dad went to cast his ballot at the advance poll, so I figured I would too.

I still find it funny that we have both a Communist party and a Marxist-Leninist party, but hey, that's democracy for you.

Hopefully, no terribly ugly thing will happen between now and the election date.

- RG

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