Monday, June 14, 2004

Bloggers in a dangerous time... (diary)

The title is irrelevant; I just thought of the song "Lovers in a dangerous time" (I think that's what it is...I haven't heard it in many years), while also thinking about blogging.

So anyway, I've finished two of the three documents (resume and portfolio are finished, have yet to do the cover letter), and I downloaded copies of all eight letters to the editor (of the Ottawa Citizen) that were published. (Unfortunately, there two letters that had photos in the paper did not have them in the online archives). I found the articles via the Ottawa Public Library's website and online directories that are linked from it.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I got up and I think I had a cold. My ears were (and are still) hurting a bit, and my nose broke the ten-minute-mile it was running so fast. Nevertheless, I had made a commitment to host a booth at a local community event, and since I was doing it by myself until the afternoon, I decided to go anyway. Despite bringing a full packet of facial tissues, and some backup, and an old roll of toilet paper that I keep in my bicycle's pannier bags (which was actually at the very end at that time), I still had to resort to using napkins from the barbecue. However, when I spoke with a friend, he said his allergies were terrible this weekend, too, so maybe it's the weather.

I trudged through today waiting for it to end, because I'm so eager to see my friends and watch Super Size Me tomorrow. Oh well. If you're going to waste your time, you might as well do what comes naturally: nothing.

The Daily Show is on in about 10 minutes, and I can't think of much more to write about. Oh, yeah. There's a couple of things that were in the news.

In today's MacLean's magazine (it's confirmed--those lousy fuckers are only sending it to me every other week!) there is an article on Carbon Dioxide emissions (p.54). Titled the other low-carb diet, it talks about people who apply a value to the amount of carbon dioxide they produce, then donate that much time or money to charitable organizations, to get out of 'CO2 debt'.

Also, I'm planning on writing a new letter to the Citizen complaining about how the media asks everybody if the actions of the Ontario (Provincial) Liberals will affect their vote in the upcoming federal election. Why the fuck is everybody ignoring the devastation left by the Ontario Tories? Eh?!? Now that affects my vote.

Oh, yeah. You might have noticed I'm saying the F-word a bit more often. I guess I'm getting comfortable here. I'm also getting angry at all the lousy jerks out there who piss me off. Heh, heh. That reminds me of an amusing parody of the mickey mouse theme song that doesn't go well over text. I guess that's why I've got this name.

Anyway, it's 23:00, time for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (pardon the absence of a link).

- RG

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