Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Queen's Park and the race for 24 Sussex (Politics, bitching)

Daily show was on commercial, so I flipped and got to the Ontario Parliament channel, and here was this PC party guy complaining about a constituent of his who had a sports injury and couldn't get an MRI scan until late 2005, and this guy blames the Liberal government! The nerve!

This isn't 1984. It's not like the Liberals have always been in power; prior to last Fall, the Conservative party had been in power for eight years. How the hell could a year-and-a-half backlog accumulate in a matter of months?!? And then they go around and complain about the taxes raised to put desperately-needed money into the health-care system.

Now, I don't like how the Premier had promised not to raise taxes, but let's be serious: eight years of tax freezes and cuts... I mean inflation people! You take in less money, but pay each employee more? Obviously, every single service will go to the shits in that kind of situation. McGuinty shouldn't have promised not to raise taxes, but had he not, he probably wouldn't have gotten elected, and then the Conservatives would continue to take our money and give it to auto manufacturers. I'd rather have McGuinty lie to me to do something necessary than to have him lose and let these problems get worse.

Same argument goes for municipalities.

Federal government needs to cut spending, so they download to the provinces. Provinces need to cut spending, so they tell municipalities where to spend their money. The result: we get higher municipal taxes, the absolute worst type of taxes we have.

I don't see why people think that just because McGuinty broke his promises that Paul Martin will, too. I mean, Paul Martin has been finance minister for the last long time, and we know (and he certainly does) that we have a federal surplus. If anyone knows how much money the federal government has, it's Paul Martin. Steven Harper, on the other hand, wants to increase spending significantly in the fields of 'defence' and health care, and decrease taxes. Then, when Paul Martin says that this would require cutting spending on other social programs, Harper says that Paul Martin is lying. What a jackass! How stupid does he think Canadians are? (I guess we'll find out come election day).

But we can't forget that Paul Martin has the sponsorship scandal on his shoulders. Whereas I believe McGuinty had a reason to break his promises ('lie', if you will), the federal liberals just plain stole from Canadians.

And another thing, this morning's paper Steven Harper said that we couldn't trust the Liberals. I dislike the overuse of this word. Many people's excuse for choosing only between the Grits and the Tories is that they (in some incarnation) have been the only two parties to ever be in power. And yet, whenever they are elected, they break their promises. Come next election time, the one who hasn't been in power says we can't "trust" that party. And so the disenchanted people vote for the other party, which, people can't "trust". I say give a third party a chance, and see how they can run the country.

This morning's Ottawa Citizen had a thing about how candidates aren't supposed to eat while there are cameras present, because it is bad for their image. Stupid fucking media: I'm not voting for the most graceful glutton, I'm voting for someone to run my country. The media feeds us this shit then complains about voter apathy. Youth vote my ass. Stop spending all your time talking about why people aren't getting involved, and give them the information to get them involved.

I think I'll write a letter to the Citizen about that one.

- RG

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