Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Meat Is... (wanderful)

For the first time in a while, I used the bus without my bike. This meant that for the first time in a while, I had to wait at the transit station to transfer.

I noticed a few things had changed. I noticed on the wall someone had spray painted in large letters, "MEAT IS" (I would have posted a link, but Geocities won't let me link from outside their site...grumble)

Obviously someone was interrupted somehow before he or she finished his or her message.

That got me wondering (hence the entry category)...what was the vandal's intended message?

Meat Is,
A poem by RealGrouchy:

Meat Is.
Meat is What?

Meat is Good? Meat is Bad?
Meat is Happy? Meat is Sad?
Meat is Big? Meat is Small?
Meat isn't really meat at all?

Meat is Dirty? Meat is Clean?
Meat is Fat? Meat is Lean?
Meat is Dark? Meat is White?
Meat digests well overnight?

*Meat is Cheap? Meat is Dear?
Meat is Far? Meat is Near?
Meat is Hot? Meat is Cold?
Meat is rotten when it's old?

Meat is Cooked? Meat is Raw?
Meat is Cool? Meat is Blah?
Meat is Evil? Meat is Great?
**Do you want meat on your plate?

Hmmm. Not a bad poem, if I say so myself. A surprise ending, no?

I suppose twenty years from now, when I've long been a vegetarian, I'll look at this and think...

man, I miss meat.

- RG

*Third stanza added 16/06/04
** Last line changed 16/06/04 from "Shut up and put meat on my plate!"


Anonymous said...

I replied to you about my voting for conservatives. Please read.


JiNx ;0)

P.S: I like the style you chose for your blog.

monocle barbie said...

have you not realized that the message in itself could have just been: meat is. Meat is not anything, it HAVE YOU NO FAITH? HAVE YOU NO FAITH THAT THE ARTIST WANTED TO PORTRAY THEIR DILEMMA ABOUT IF MEAT REALLY IS? THAT THEY WERE WONDERING ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF EVERYTHING? AND MEAT IS JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS? DO YOU??? Hmm, a little over the top? Yes. LOL