Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The other other white meat (Wanderful)

As my mind was wandering, I was thinking about that quote from Austin Powers 2, where Fat Bastard said, "Baby: The other, other white meat!"

That got me thinking: would baby meat be white? Well, of course, baby meat would be the same as any other human meat, and skin colour wouldn't matter.

(side note: I'm watching the Practise...because it was there, not by my choosing. The prosecution called a sidebar, and as it was finishing, she pointed her finger at the judge and said, "okay, but before I sit down, I'm going to shake my finger at you like this so that it doesn't look like you're just brushing me off, and so that I look authoritative." I think that was just hilarious.)

So I was thinking, okay, so what are the current white meats? I would assume poultry and fish. But what's an animal that is often used to simulate human flesh? Pig. But isn't pig meat essentially white? Or is it considered 'dark'? Wouldn't it make that the other, other white meat?

Of course, this is assuming that human meat and pig meat are very similar. So if that is the case, than 'baby' meat would either not be considered white meat, or would be the "other, other, other" white meat, after poultry, fish, and pig.

What do you think?

- RG

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monocle barbie said...

Why would you say THAT? I might have thought something along those lines at one point, but I would have gotten creeped out. BABIES ARE TOO CUTE FOR THAT!