Saturday, June 12, 2004

So very tired...applying for a job (diary)

(Sidenote: I tried posting this once - make that twice -, but there was an error. Good thing I ctrl+c'd the entry! Then, when I tried google to see if my connection was down, or if it was the blog server, I typed in dfsdf or something unintelligible like that, and it returned ten pages of results!)

I couldn't get to sleep tonight.

I got an email earlier today about a job opportunity with a local branch of a large non-profit network. The position is "Media Development Project Coordinator". I have a lot of experience working on the kind of stuff that for this position I would actually get paid for.

I had figured I'd work on the application next week, but as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I was mentally designing a web page that would link to all of the things I have made, in order to demonstrate my organizational and design abilities.

Unfortunately, I can't post a link or a copy of that web page because it contains personal information, and I'm trying to keep my identity separate from this blog at this point (not for any particular reason, but if I eventually find a reason that I may want to conceal my identity, I cannot do so if I have already revealed it. Understand? Good).

- RG.

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