Thursday, June 10, 2004

Nothing's working (diary, bitching, advice)

Man, everything I try to do today has something go wrong. Hopefully everyone can learn a lesson from it:

- Those stupid new fridge pack boxes of 12 cokes aren't tilted so that they roll to the front. This makes you believe that there are some when there are not. I found out after I put the hamburgers on the barbecue that I was out, so I had to go to the mall to get some more coke (in the past, I'd put a flat of them in the cupboard, and I could see easily how many I had left). Solution: take the part you rip off of the front and tape it to the bottom back, sot that it tilts forward.

- I went to the mall to get more coke. The grocery store didn't have any, so I had to go to the pharmacy. Then, as I was in line at the pharmacy, my dad called to say we were out of hamburger buns. I then had to go all the way to the grocery store to buy the buns, then back to the pharmacy to buy the drinks (I didn't want to take outside drinks into a grocery store). Solution: make sure you have hamburger buns when you cook hamburgers.

- I cam home and found that Dad had "kept an eye on" the hamburgers as I had asked him to. He watched they burnt to a crisp. Solution: instead of counting on someone else to cook, turn it off and cook it later.

- As I'm trying to copy some once-in-a-year photos I got from Doors Open Ottawa that I wanted to post to Wikipedia, I found that the batteries on my camera had been low, and therefore it took a long time for it to copy the photos to the card. As a result, I had turned off the camera before the photo was fully copied, and now the file is corrupt. Stupid Minolta should design cameras that only turn off when not in use. I lost photos of old buses (and one brand-spaking new hybrid one) at OC Transpo, a photo of a cross-cut fire hydrant that would have been great for Wikipedia, and some of the old Union Station. Now am I going to go to these same places next year just to get the photos?!? Stupid Minolta. Solution: send a complaint to Minolta, and let camera turn itself off (done).

- Wikipedia said it was going down for a while. Now I have to do something until it's back up.

- RG.

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monocle barbie said...

Sounds like life could be worse for you. Every time something goes wrong, or nothing works in your life, you have a ready solution it seems. And remember: with each new solution you find, the less things will go wrong. :)