Sunday, August 01, 2004

[no subject] (diary)

Yesterday I was feeling really down, so I didn't post anything. This way, you could see Friday's post about noses.

I went to the mall at about 7 pm to find the grocery store was closed. The one across the street was still open until eight, but when I got there, I realized I left my bike lock back at home. I went home, got my lock, and went back and bought some stuff, including a pre-made fruit salad.

I then went back home, ate some food, watched some TV, and tried to forget about how miserable I felt.

I finished reading No Logo this morning. Next I plan to read some true forensic investigation story that my Dad's girlfriend gave me a couple years ago.

After that, unless classes have started (in which case I'll have quite enough reading to do thank you very much), it's back to the library for the transportation/activism section to see what they've got.

- RG.

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