Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Does anyone know how to break a lock? (diary)

Okay, so at the office today we had a meeting, and one of the attendees left with the washroom key. The landlord had changed the locks on the washrooms recently, so our backups didn't work. Luckily, someone in another office was still there after hours.

After the meeting, three of us decided to go out for pizza (we got half mediterranean, half pepperoni). I thought nothing of it at the time.

One person left, and the other person left while I cleaned up to head back to the office. Only, one went to head to Orleans (from Downtown), and the other was walking away somewhere to some sort of meditation thingy (I think). The important thing to remember is that neither of them went back to the office. I realized this, but again, I thought nothing of it at the time.

It was only as I was mid-way back to the office that I realized that I didn't have my keys (obviously, I was on foot). They were in my pannier, on my bike, in the office, which was locked!

I was frantically trying to call people who might have a key and be in the area (it didn't help that my cell phone has a very incomplete list of people I would call). I then realized that my friend with the meditation had gestured she was going in a particular direction, and maybe I could catch her. I tried her on her cell phone, but she never has the damn thing on. So I left the office, and left the pizza box (only one slice left) with two empty pop cans by the door.

I started back in the direction of my friend, but they had already gone too far, and I couldn't run anyways because my camera and other electronics were in my stupid shorts that is made of a light material that causes the electronics--and the legs--to flail when I run. I went a few blocks, but gave up after a couple. It's not like there would be a very big meditation supercentre in the middle of downtown. Or at least, not that you could tell off the street.

Getting desparate, I went back to the office, and I looked through the mail slot to see if I could reach my bike. only a few feet away... maybe if I had a stick or a rope or something... Nobody else was in the building anymore, so I left a note on the pizza box for my coworker to see in the morning, and started back on the phone.

The elevators in our building is a bit possessed. We're on the fifth floor, and they always have trouble counting right. If you leave our floor and press "ground", they often go to six first. Going up or down, it will usually make an extra stop along the way. You get so used to it that when the elevator stops and somebody is on the other side, it can be quite a surprise.

I mention this because as I was frantically trying to call people, I heard the elevator door open and wondered if it was my coworker. Unfortunately, it was the "ghost", whom we say must cause these unrequested stops.

I decided to take it anyway and go down to the entrance to the building and make some more calls. I quickly ran out of numbers in my head of people whom I knew who could help me out, but thought that some of the other numbers in my recent call log may be someone who happened to be downtown. So I tried a couple of them.

One was a person I knew, and recognized by voice, and quickly told him my problem and it wasn't too awkward.

Then there was the other one, and I'm not sure what it was, but it was in my 'received calls' list. I didn't (and still don't) have a clue as to who the hell would have called me from that number. I tried to tell them my predicament, but that was very awkward.

Luckily, I still had my bus pass (and even if I didn't, I keep extra tickets in my wallet, and one of my friends had reimbursed me for their share of the pizza in cash). I took the bus home, and luckily didn't have to wait long. Yadda, yadda, yadda, I'm home and without computer, bike, and other stuff (I'm writing this on my dad's PC), and I'll probably get into work early tomorrow, because I won't be able to do any of my regular surfing. Fun (sigh).

For the record, I'm not angry, just frustrated.

- RG.

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