Sunday, August 29, 2004

Buffer, damn you! (Bitching)

Okay, so I was bored, and none of my regular online haunts had any updates I hadn't seen (this doesn't mean I'm not still too fucking busy), so I headed over to the Daily Show's website to see the video of the John Kerry interview that I had missed.

First I tried to watch it in my regular browser (Mozilla), and the Windon'ts Media Player 9 plugin wasn't working. So I switched over to IE, which is still glued at the hip to my Windows XP, and it was working--sort of.

First, it did a lot of buffering.

Then, I got audio, but the video only refreshed about once every five seconds.

Eventually, I got two-second bites at a time, interspersed with alerts of "Buffering..." It sounded a bit weird. All of a sudden, I'd hear "Your a quarter Jew, but I'm all Jewish," then silence and blackness for another few seconds.

What the hell is with that? The whole point of buffering is so that it can build up a decent amount of video so that you can download more of it while your watching, and have an uninterrupted stream. Streaming.

If you're going to buffer, then buffer. Don't tell me that you're buffering and then you don't buffer. Stupid computer! Buffer, damn you!

It doesn't help that there isn't a scrollbar in the embedded windows media player deelie, and my shit-ass wifi connection probably doesn't help either.

Heh, heh, that's funny. Shit-ass. It's like two expletives at once.

I have to put some clothes away now.

Oh, yeah. So tonight at 5:00 and 5:30 pm were back-to-back episodes of the Simpsons on Global. The first one was the first part of the two-part episode where Mr. Burns was shot. The second episode was...the 25 greyhound puppies episode. What kind of sick, stupid programming editor puts the first part of a two-part episode in a double-header, and doesn't follow it up with the very next episode?!?

I mean, if it were the CBC, I would understand. That's a government-regulated company, where someone might have just been transferred from the department of fisheries the day before, but Global? These people are supposed to be attracting viewers, not leaving them hanging in their shorts!

Oh, and speaking of shorts, there's this funny one on Zed called "Heap of Trouble". I'd link to the online version, but I have a policy of this not being a link-blog. Everyone I've showed it too thought it was sick and hilarious.

- RG.

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