Monday, June 23, 2008

New Swap Box on Gladstone, part II

Previously on New Swap Box on Gladstone, a pink swap box was installed on Gladstone at Percy, to the delight of the author.

And now the denouematic outcome...

As had been mentioned by the couple gawking the pink swap box the last time I saw it, there was, in fact, a perspex swap box kitty-corner to it with a vase and flowers inside. Very cute, although I never got around to contributing any flowers myself before it got removed:

Back at the pink corner, there was bad news, good news, and more bad news.

The bad news was that the pink box had been destroyed. All that was left was the backboard with a giraffe telling us "improving + beautifying our neighbourhoods is up to us to do" (see photo in previous blog entry) and a side panel which read "treet rt is not a rime". The good news was that there was a new swap box--Art Exchange Box #2--installed right next to it:

The other bad news is that the new box was already damaged, too.

Luckily, the bottom piece was still on the street corner, and the box was well built, with a rabbet that allowed me to wedge it back in and tie it together with a used inner tube I had with me (I swear; those things have a million uses!):

Four days later, I returned to see it still intact. So maybe the vandalism was just a one-time thing. Someone else tied a scarf around the box, and a bunch of stuff was inside. Not having any art to exchange, I think I left it without swapping anything, though I would have cleaned it of any trash:

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and ten days after the new box had been ripped off the post as well:

Lookin' forward for the next one!

- RG>


richgold said...

I find it so disappointing when these things get vandalized. I'd love for one to show up near me. (The closest I've found is in front of Bridgehead and that one is regularly targeted.)

RealGrouchy said...

El Maks observes that he only made one of the three boxes there.

Which is really cool!

- RG>