Monday, June 09, 2008

Car crashes into Dominion Chalmers

Live from Centretown...

Just as I was leaving work today, (around 17:40), there were a few police cars zooming around. I heard sirens in another direction, too, so I decided to check it out.

At first I could only see a bunch of police cruisers and a fire truck. There were a bunch of cops interviewing people, plus a bunch of onlookers. Traffic on O'Connor is down to one lane (which made it very difficult for an ambulance to get to the scene).

After ensuring the way was clear and no more emergency vehicles were trying to get through, I crossed and saw a red car that had launched itself diagonally onto the lawn in front of the Dominion-Chalmers United Church. It didn't look like it hit the wall, though.

The sidewalk wasn't blocked off to pedestrians, as we can tell from the three we see here passing by the car. These pedestrians were obscuring the view of a cyclist sitting down on the sidewalk on the other side of the car, apparently with another person. I didn't take a photo of it for the sake of those people's privacy.
A lady standing at the corner told me that she saw the whole thing, and that the driver of the red car sped down O'Connor through Lisgar against the red light, while another motorist was hurrying to catch the tail end of the green light on Lisgar. I couldn't quite make out exactly what the lady was telling me, but apparently the owner of the red car was going so fast that the car took over half a block to come to a stop.

Considering the sidewalks on both sides were still open, I suspect that nobody was seriously injured. I hope that the cyclist there was only helping some other people, and that no cyclist or pedestrian got struck in the middle of this mess.

Hopefully the asshole who sped through the red light gets his license revoked.

- RG>

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