Monday, February 14, 2011

Notice previously given

Back in November, I pointed out some street art popping up on streetposts around town called Take Notice. Coyote noticed them too.

Turns out it's an art project by Paul Roorda, which is currently on display at City Hall. Not the first time I've seen former street art on display in an gallery (though it looks like this one was only put out on the street in order to later go into a gallery. Not sure if the street art scene likes that)

There are a couple other of Roorda's projects (of similar format) on display also.

Coyote doesn't include text in his blog, so I don't think he'll scoop me on this update!

Take Notice is on display at City Hall until April 3, 2011. It's open daily from 9am-5pm. No admission; just walk right in!

[Cool visual illusion: if you scroll up and down so that the second photo goes past the bottom of the page, and stare past your screen, it looks like the little squares are zooming in and out or moving. Or something. It did for me.]

- RG>

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