Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Cuphelder™

Have you ever had this problem? You found a perfectly good mug for holding things, but didn't have anything appropriate to be held by it?

Stationery and drinks have being-held-by-a-mug as only a secondary function (to writing and being drunk, respectively), and have so many problems when being held by mugs: pens and pencils, for example, don't fit completely inside mugs, while drinks can spill easily out of them.

With this revolutionary invention, you can pack those makeshift items away along with your worries--introducing the Cuphelder™!

Of simple design, the Cuphelder™ is fashioned from a 36-inch long strip of double-wall corrugated cardboard, rolled into a fist-sized spool, and is specifically designed for being held by mugs. Shown here is the 'tall' model.

The Cuphelder™ fits easily into all standard size cups and mugs, and will also protect your mugs during transportation from the many hazards of being left empty.

Don't get left stuck the next time you are in need of something to be held by a cup--get yourself a Cuphelder™ today!

Not available in stores. Always wash mugs thoroughly after using the Cuphelder™. Not for use in undergarments, cups, canteens, flasks, steins, or other non-mug beverage containers. Keep away from flames and cats.

- RG>


jason said...


But it sounds like somebody has too many mugs.

David Scrimshaw said...

If this was on my blog, I would give it the tag brilliant ideas

Anonymous said...

Hot diggity! Where has this been all my life? I wonder if "they" make a Bowlhelder, too? I have the same problem with bowls and storing stuff in them. Thank you Grouchmeister.

Manny Blue said...

Could I get a little drawing to explain that one to me? Or, a diagram of some kind with arrows and labels, etc.

RealGrouchy said...

Jason - actually, if you get a Cuphelder™, you might need to buy a new mug that fits it properly.

David - and whose fault is it, exactly, that it isn't?

XUP - Glad you appreciate it, but there are liability problems with the Bowlhelder. There were some lawsuits from people who misread the name.

Manny - You're right, I should patent it.

- RG>

Cedar said...

I need two of those for my bra...the cups are kinda ...well where do I get them anyway?

RealGrouchy said...

Cedar - Oh dear, that would be quite dangerous. I've updated the disclaimer accordingly.

- RG>