Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bureaucrats and Cockroaches

At work, my boss and I have many things in common. It seems that one thing we have in common is we're both self-hating packrats. She was telling me today how she had gotten rid of two boxes of carbon paper in a recent housecleaning, but kept a third.

Why, I asked her, would you ever need carbon paper--especially a whole box of it?

"Well, you know, if it's the end of the world and you need to issue an invoice because you're selling somebody something, or you need to get a signed contract..."

Because, of course, when civilization goes to shit, and machines don't work anymore, the only thing holding it together is the ability to make sure to get a receipt for your bartered goods.

I guess in the land of no photocopiers, the one with the most copies rules.

Now to go find a box of carbon paper...

- RG>

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