Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When life closes a Swap Box...

...it opens a give-and-take box.

The swap box outside Bridgehead on Elgin (previously discussed here and here) has met an unfortunate end.

Which is a pity, because as these photos indicate, it was an attraction:

Towards the last days, someone put little flower stickers on it:

Inside was...okay, nothing too fancy. A tootsie roll, plastic spoon, wetnap, and a piece of cardboard something.

On the 24th of April, when I went to unload some of my accumulated swap box stash, I discovered it gone! Travesty! I guess the people on the balcony of the Fox and Feather won't be able to entertain themselves by watching curious passers-by anymore.

But by a total fluke, I took a different route home last night and found that someone had put up a Give & Take box at Elgin and McLeod! For those who aren't tall enough to look in the top, it has a convenient front-hole.

It only had a tampon and a toonie in it, so I dropped in one of my collected doodads, in hopes of seeding the beast. It's also bigger than the last one, increasing the possibilities...

Help keep street art alive--support your local swap box!

- RG>

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xup said...

I absolutely would if I were downtown more often. But when I am, I do.