Friday, April 17, 2009

Proof that god doesn't exist

Posted by vitamin_oc on the OC Transpo Livejournal page:

I also like last month's editorial cartoon in the Centretown News, which depicts a bus ad reading "Think", to which an onlooker remarks "How offensive!"

- RG>


Anonymous said...

Being new to Ottawa, I am constantly mind-boggled at this city council and all the wacky schemes they keep debating and how they never ever implement anything. Who elected these people? What exactly is being dumped into our drinking water that would make Ottawans elect people who promised to spend their entire terms not making one single decision?

Nette said...

I hope the city council would have better minds next time they meet :( btw, I think we cannot blame God for the decisions people make or fail to make. People simply can't keep on making trouble and expect God to clean up after them each time. Or always do what they know they need to do. :( just my two-cents' worth. A blessed week ahead.