Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let's hope I don't get sick

So today I started making a stir-fry, and didn't realize until I had already started that the only meat I had was this clump of stewing beef that's been in the freezer for as long as I can remember.

I took it out, defrosted it, and was disgusted by how much it smelled like dog food. Nevertheless, it was the only meat I had, so I cut it up. I tried discarding some of the less appetizing bits.

As I was cooking it, my roommate came in and assumed the dogfood smell was her cat, who had just gone for a bath in the toilet. I assured her that it was, in fact, my beef.

So I cooked it, and ate a portion. I couldn't bring myself to eat all of the meat I had served myself, as some of it tasted just too raunchy.

When I went back and took the lid off the wok, I detected the unmistakable smell of dog food. Not wanting to waste the vegetables that I had cooked, I threw out the remaining beef in the mix, at put the veggies in a plastic container for later consumption (or disposal, as necessary).

Anyway, I really hope that it doesn't make me sick before my 4pm shift.

- RG>

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monocle barbie said...

You are seriously making me barf.