Wednesday, December 02, 2009

More stuff XUP can't have

In the post Weekly Treasure, I described some neat stuff I found being discarded in Centretown, and I mentioned that finding neat stuff is a regular event. True to form, the last couple weekends have been fruitful as well, what with the first of the month being near.

On Monday (which is garbage night for Centretown east of Kent Street) I happened upon a stash of goods that included these items I collected. Some packaging also being thrown out revealed that the mysterious KUN house on MacLaren is a manufacturer of violin shoulder rests, and not a fraternity or cult, as their ominous street presence had led me to fear. I guess that's reassuring. There were also some items that would make for good Swap Box swag.

These LERSTA reading/floor lamps from Ikea are another commonly discarded item. They're often thrown out not only still functional, but also with a lightbulb still inside. I guess people upgrade, or they dent the bell of the shade. Since it's only $14.99, it's early on the chopping block when it's time to cull. They're great because they're decently-made bendy lamps, and you can remove the bottom piece of pipe for a shorter height. (Conceivably, I guess you can add them too for a taller one.)

Anyway, twice in as many weeks, I've picked up one of these translucent globelike lamp covers. I transported it home on the back of my bike, with the open end pointing toward my tail light, which makes for a neat effect.

The upshot is that you can bend the LERSTA lamp so that its bell points straight up. Plop the globe on top and you get a pretty, neat effect. (Make sure to use CFL or LED bulbs to prevent overheating in the now-enclosed space). I think it has a Jetsons type look to it.

Last week, an oriental couple on Somerset West were throwing out a whack of stuff, and us sharks were going after it as they were still bringing it out. Among the swag were three of these ACCO 401 single hole punches (this page advertises them under the "Mutual" brand).

These were occupying space on my kitchen table over the last week, so finally I decided to 'put them away' on Saturday night. Not having a defined location for "single-hole punches" in my apartment, I figured they'd look nice mounted on the wall as an installation of found art. But I actually do have a use for these, so my mounting technique had to preserve their utility.

I used a piece of white-covered MDF as a backplate, covered by a piece of translucent red fiberglass (both also found and didn't require cutting). I attached the two with a can of spray glue left over from a project from a few years ago. To mount the punches to the board, I cut holes at the top just big enough to accept screw heads that stick out of the board, but not big enough for the chips to fall through. Regrettably, I didn't take photos along the way because I wasn't sure if any of this would work. Though it did, and I think it came out wonderfully:

I call it "Three Hole Punch".

- RG>


Anonymous said...

And why would I want this stuff? Our friend Charline might be interested in the violin heads though. I should let you loose in my place storage room - it's about due for another clear-out.

RealGrouchy said...

The title was just a lighthearted reference to your comment from the previous post; in reality, mi swag es su swag. The violin things were only the packaging.

- RG>

Woodsy said...

RG, you are a most interesting grouch ... one of a kind.

Happy and Blue 2 said...

This post and your brilliant creativity with other people's crap really make me want to start doing this as well.

I likely won't because I'm lazy but I do feel inspired to do this.

RealGrouchy said...

Woodsy - thanks, you're too kind.

H&B2 - the key to motivating yourself to do things like this is to have some far more important deadline looming. Thus it's actually easier for people like you and me than for, say, an anti-crastinator.

- RG>