Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was at Boko Bakery, buying a loaf of Flax seed bread (the softest, tastiest bread you'd ever get from a bakery!) and a garlic baguette (oooohhhhh so tasty!) when I saw these two trays of hallowe'en-themed treats.

I didn't get any, but I thought they were so cute!

Especially these little mummies! Freshly made in-house. Boko is a local small business, so support them!
- RG>

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rebrand time!

(Edits made on 2006-12-31)

As you may have noticed, I have moved my blog.

I have been talking lately much less about things Ottawa than things other. I decided then that it would be easier for someone to remember my blog address if it reflected my username.

Ottablog?!? What was I thinking?

I'm also thinking about changing the tile I've also changed the blog's name from "My Two Sense" to "Tales from a Grouch". The name is a take-off of the book Letters from a Nut by Ted L. Nancy. Though I haven't read the book, a friend of mine told me in grade nine that I reminded him of that guy. Let me know which title you'd prefer.

On that note, I've also been planning on putting more of my correspondence up here, including many of the letters which weren't published by the Citizen (and perhaps the ones which were, too...).

Lately, as you may have noticed, I stopped putting words in brackets at the end of the post title. I might have upgraded to Blogger Beta, which has a category tag function, of course that would require going back and changing all the old posts [Edit: in progress]. I'm not against revisionism, just against the work involved. I also haven't forgotten about the "100 things about me" post. [But I also haven't thought about it.] I've had been adding items to a google spreadsheet and will update when I feel like doing it.

- RG>

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Explain yourself Dom`tar!

I was cleaning up my apartment when I came upon this little curiosity:

It was the front and back "covers" of a pack of Domtar-brand coloured cardstock, item number 80099600. A "cover" indeed.

On the front cover is a little Canadian flag in the lower-left corner (the text "Canadian Pride / Fierté Canadienne" circles it). However--and you might have to click on the image to zoom to see it--next to the UPC code it says "Made in U.S.A."

Scandal! Outrage!

What in Canada's name is Domtar trying to pull over my patriotic eyes? I'll certainly follow this up with a phone call to 1-800-6-Domtar and ask them and their Klingon-sounding brethren to explain their contradictory actions. [Edit: I have done this. They were very polite. Unfortunately, I am no John Hargrave.]

Tsk. Domtar. The front of your packaging says your paper is free of acid, but your back says you should be full of shame.

- RG>