Monday, December 21, 2009

The Greatest Mayor: Update

Back in August, I wrote the post Larry O'Brien: Great Mayor, or Greatest Mayor? on the topic of our mayor's trial. A recent anonymous comment on the post (likely spam; I've been getting lots of innocuous junk comments) reminded me of it.

Reading it over, I found the following passage rather telling:

I'm also open-minded enough to realize that if [O'Brien] can beat these charges so ballsily, maybe--just maybe--he'd be able to get us out of the multimillion-dollar Siemens lawsuit he got us in. If he can't, at least it's something else to put in the "zero-means-go-fuck-yourself" pile that he'll eventually face.
Sure enough, Larry didn't get us out of the lawsuit, and it will cost taxpayers $37 million.

Meanwhile, the 2010 budget is forecast, so far, to increase by 3.9% (actually around 3.995%, either way it's much more than his campaign promise of "zero means zero"). At the going rate of roughly ten million dollars per percent, that comes to $39 million--just a couple million more than what Mayor Larry cost us with the Siemens lawsuit.

So I guess that's what zero means. A steaming pile of go fuck yourself.

- RG>


Anonymous said...

Good post, RG, good post.

XUP said...

The People always get the leadership they deserve (and vote for and/or or not vote for because they're too apathetic)