Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mayfair Swap Box

This blog is going to look a bit like El Maks' Swap Box Project blog for a few posts, because I'm scheduling a bunch of street art posts to upload over the next little while.

Today's entry is a swap box I happened upon in Old Ottawa South at Bank and Sunnyside, near the Mayfair Theatre. I saw it on June 18th.

I was thrilled when I saw it, because Centretown has been without swap boxes since the one at the Bridgehead on Elgin was taken down at the end of April. I extracted from my pocket the obligatory trinket that I always keep with me (in case of Swap Box), and plopped it in the box. There wasn't much inside to swap, so I treated my deposit as a donation.

Here's the swap box in relation to the Mayfair:

And the view across the street:

Keep 'em coming, Maks!

- RG>


Hannah said...

I should make a trip downtown and see these infamous "swap boxes" for myself and possible see what goodies are inside. I have some smaller items I don't want anymore and rather than take them to Salvation Army, I could put them in these boxes and see who adopts them!:)

Maggie de Barra said...

I was walking past Bank and Sunnyside the other day. It's gone now.

RealGrouchy said...

Aha. Thanks, Maggie. I guess the ones in Old Ottawa South last a lot longer than those in Centretown.

- RG>