Thursday, October 30, 2008

Elgin St. Swap Box Rescue

Back in August, El Maks installed a Swap Box outside the Bridgehead on Elgin (the same one I discussed in this post). Here's a shot of it from August 8:

Inside was some relatively uninteresting things: a tarot card, a couple of pills, and some creased postcards of Santorini.

A month later, it was still in pretty decent condition, and was joined by a charismatic Planters peanut can (which was playing the part of an ashtray)

Inside in September was some even less interesting stuff. A tampon, some pens and cutlery, and an STM ticket which was still in there most times I checked.

While I did my best to keep refilling it with interesting things, it was usually pretty close to empty most times I saw it, and, in keeping with the broken windows theory, it fell into disrepair. This is what I saw of it today:

With the equipment I had on me I did my best repair attempt. As with the last time it was busted, it reassembled fairly easily, but I didn't have any paperclips out of which I could fashion a glue gun, or (more reasonably) small staples to reattach the hinges on the door. Nevertheless, duct tape is always a versatile weapon, and I made good use of it. Behold, Swap Box 2.0!

Now with 10% more Swagger!

I refilled it with some emergency Swap Box supplies I kept in my pocket, took some photos, and congratulated myself on a jorb well done.

Long live the Swap Box!

- RG>


Anonymous said...

Robin sent me over to take a look. Good work! I think this is what the swap box is all about.

Anonymous said...

You're a star! And a stalwart defender and protector of street art. Whoo-hoo for duct tape

RealGrouchy said...

Aw, thanks guys!

(PS: Sorry for the delay in approving the comments. Gmail was spamming the notifications.)

- RG>