Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Le fin

I did it! I finally got caught up on my finances!

I'd been months behind for the last year or so. When I did my taxes in April 2009, I remember I only did my finances as far as December 31, 2008, and I didn't really do much to get caught up since then.

In the last month or so, I've been whittling away at it, taking bigger and bigger bites out of the pile, and now I've finished!

I made a couple of interesting observations:

- Over the last year and a half, I've had three mysterious withdrawals for which I don't have the bank machine slip. I always take the slip, so this is strange. Also strange is that these are only at the Somerset and Bronson bank machine. There's no conclusive evidence to conclusively say that I did or didn't make these withdrawals. I checked my e-mails, my photos, my Blackberry calendar (including backups of my tasks, notes, and appointments), and my known cash expenditures between the previous and next withdrawals, but nothing conclusive.

- Adjusted for contributions, my RRSP fluctuates each month as much as the equivalent of a plus or minus 20% APR (and as much as +47% in one month, if my math is right).

- I have not yet made any credit card purchases on a Saturday this year.

Of course, things are never always done. I have yet to do my taxes, and seeing as it's 2am and I have a couple other things to do, that can wait until closer to the April 30 deadline.

- RG>


Allison said...

If you think someone might have made a copy of your debit card, you should change your pin and keep an eye on your account. The banks are usually very helpful if you need to change your card because it's not that uncommon that cards get copied.

When my credit card was stolen the thieves went on a spending spree, but if someone smarter has your card they might be taking out smaller amounts here and there, thinking you won't notice.

RealGrouchy said...

It's weird, though, because it sorta fits the right pattern. In the months when I normally took out $60 per withdrawal, it was $60, etc., and the time spacing is consistent. The time of the most recent one (the others were too old to get the time for) was when I was in that part of town.

When I called my bank, they said that it's highly unlikely that there would be so few transactions once a thief found that they had a valid card and PIN.

I figure I either lost the withdrawal slip or I accidentally selected "no statement".

Serves me right for taking so long to do my finances; if I'd done it within a couple weeks I'd probably have remembered the withdrawal.

- RG>