Thursday, July 09, 2009

Swine Flu Survival Kit

In early May, El Maks posted a hint on The Swap Box Blog to "Go check out the corner of Bank/Slater Streets for the newest streetart piece."

(He subsequently added two photos to the post, which made me waste the last fifteen minutes looking for the blog where I had first seen this comment without photos.)

When I took these photos on May 11th, I didn't yet know what it was, just where.

For context, it's on the same block as the Bank Street bus stop on Slater. The side of the army-green box has two columns of white stenciled letters, spelling ELMAKS MMDCCI from left to right:

Maks previously used this spot for "A Very Bailout Christmas" last December, which is captured in my previous post, "Street Art Rescue #3 - Elgin Flower Box Rebuild."

On the other side, white marker ink in Maks' characteristic handwriting warns people to "Please Remain Calm. / Everything is under control. / Follow the instructions given inside. / elmaks!"

On the red interior of the box, we see the Swine Flu Survival Kit: Vol. 8 - Dating & Romance, brought to you by the Department of Public Safety, Detachment 2701 [Hence the roman numerals on the side - I just got that now. Clever!]

Inside the Kit are a pair of "His & Hers" dust masks, a thermometer, rubber gloves, a first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and various tips on how to minimize Swine Flu during romantic encounters.

I won't type them all out. Click the photos to enjoy them yourself!

Another great piece, Maks!

- RG>

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