Thursday, March 19, 2009

Swapboxes on CBC Radio

Ooh! I was checking out my blog stats and found a link on Ian Capstick's blog to mine. In that post he revealed that Elmaks, creator of the swapbox, was on cbc radio on Tuesday morning talking about swapboxes, as was a friend who is making a film on swapboxes.

Listen! Now!

I'm wondering what to do with The Annoying Protester Kit. It was posted in early May '08 on Elgin just North of Somerset, and was taken down a few days later.
Someone who recovered the box when it came down contacted me a couple weeks ago after learning about what I had done with the flower box (which, by the way, is still going strong!) and gave it to me (in pristine condition, I might add) hoping I'd return it to its creator. So now it's in my possession.

I assume that elmaks' silence on the matter is a blank slate.

Maybe someone can build a really big swapbox, and I can put the Angry Protester Kit inside...

- RG>

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