Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Streetpost Art #2

Yesterday, walking back to the office on Elgin street, I spotted a new resident of the space on the streetpost in my previous blog entry:

The Nostalgia Swap Box. A little box to put things and find little treasures.

Today on my way back from lunch, I left a little something in it.

A cursory search of "Nostalgia Swap Box" on the internet turned up this Flickr photoset for other Ottawa-area swap boxes and street art.

I think it's a delightful little break from the bleak, monotonous browns and greys of street infrastructure, taking a little culture back from the gigantic corporations that scatter our streetscapes with signs, billboards, and advertisements.

Looking at the other photos on that flickr photoset, though, it appears there have been other street art that has already been taken down. I hope these swap boxes survive; I've got a lot of little trinkets to get rid of!

Edit: See the follow-up entry about this swap box!

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Unknown said...


I really like the swap box idea, but I have a felling that if it were ever done it America, everything would be stolen and no one would have fun. Americans suck at the honor system. lol. But who knows? It might become the new craze...