Monday, September 03, 2007

Emergency parade!

I'm used to hearing loud, eclectic music from the neighbours across the street, but this time it something was different. Here's what I wrote on IRC:

12:39 Dixieland!
12:39 Across the street!
12:39 Live, I think!
12:39 Must investigate!
12:39 Yay! Labour Day Parade!

Indeed, it was true! A parade going by the house.

So I grabbed my hammer, smashed the front off the box in my kitchen that says "IN CASE OF PARADE, BREAK GLASS", grabbed my parade bike and went out to join in the fun!

In under ten minutes, I was in amidst the action, bringing joy and tears to children and adults alike!

I passed the Amalgamated Transit Union guys, busted past the Will Murray/NDP folks, and chatted with one of the ladies of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. Before the turn onto Bronson, there was a bit of a holdup, so I did a few circles and tricks on my bike and posted for some photos.

Around the corner, there was another holdup, and the Sgt. Crozier made a bunch of terrible puns about my bowling pin helmet. I had heard the "on strike" one before, but admittedly, never in a Labour Day parade.

I chatted with Councillor Clive Doucet (I also chatted with Coun. Doug Thompson, who I believe had no clue who I was) as well as with the Dixieland players. They said they get together once a year for this parade. I proved my knowledge of the Ottawa Dixieland scene by mentioning pointing out that the RCMP Dixieland band plays across from Parliament Hill on Friday and Saturday mornings.

I got into the park, and someone offered to take my photo. How could I not oblige!

Happy Labor Dabor.

- RG>

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention (I am the lady from CUPW who had the good fortune to chat with you for a while)

You were awesome! Thanks for joining in on the parade!!