Thursday, March 03, 2005

When cold and windy isn't so bad... (diary)

I haven't posted in a while. Lots has happened. You probably don't care anyways, and it would be a long, complicated series of bitching that wouldn't be of much interest to you anyway, so there.

I was skating on the Rideau Canal last night (as a paid skate patroller). It was dark, and winds were 35kph gusting to 50kph. The snow was drifting across the ice in the most interesing way. It was like shadows creeping across the ice, or like the northern lights.

Pushing against the wind was very hard, though. I liken it to how I imagine uphill skiing to be like. However, when my partner and I turned around, the wind was strong enough to push us all the way across Dow's Lake (about 1km) at a decent speed, without us pushing at all.

Then, because you're out in the middle of a frozen lake, there's little light, so you can look up and see the sky. It was so clear and beautiful. I recognized the big dipper and polaris, and for the first time, I recognized Orion.

On one night a couple of weeks back, there was a full moon and a clear sky. It was such an incredible sight.

I thought for a minute that this must be what it would be like to live in the far north. But I realized that the romanticism of it would wear off after a (very short) while.

And just like that, I have completely lost interest in this topic. My attention span is officially seven minutes.

- RG>

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