Monday, September 20, 2004

Technology bites (diary)

Hi, all.

It has been a while since I did a real post.

I have been busy with school, and doing real social things (instead of the constructionist quasi-social activities that make you think that you matter just because you visit a few websites).

My day-to-day priorities in life are (roughly):
1. Getting enough sleep
2. Going to classes
3. Read the newspaper and catch up on website updates
4. Doing my extracurriculars (debate club, school newspaper)
5. Eating
6. Doing my work-work and volunteering at work

More or less. Stuff like personal hygeine and homework fit in there somewhere, but I don't actually prioritize it.

I've gotten closer and closer to writing a '100 things about me' post. I've put some thought into it. Maybe I'll get around to it sometime.

The problem is that all my classes are between Monday and Thursday, which is great because every weekend is a three-day-weekend, but since I get so much of #2 done on those days, I have to do extra #1. This means I have to do most of my homework on the weekends (and that ain't easy to get me to do).

I saw Amish in the City last night. In this episode, the Amish got to bring the city people to see how they live. The city people were pretty much jerks about it. Especially one particularly snobbish guy. So insensitive...

Anyway, I think I'll do some more reading (of the homework variety), and then go off to school.

- RG>

(I am signing my name like that now because I'm too lazy to take my finger off the shift key for the period).

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