Friday, September 03, 2004

Another reason to hate the government (bitching)

The last time I tried to go to city hall, I learned that they don't close at 5:00 like the rest of the world, but instead at 4:30. Naturally, I arrived at 4:45.

So this time, after busting my ass stuffing 40 City of Ottawa interoffice mail envelopes with 1600 newspapers for delivery across the city, I made sure I got there at 4:00...only to find that their fucking mail room closes at fucking 4:00!!!

Never mind that I had to stuff all four bankers' boxes-full of envelopes into my piddley little bicycle trailer, or that it's a bitch to get that trailer out of (and then back in) my office--oh wait...DO mind that! It's a pain in the fucking ass!

Not to mention the damage that that amount of weight might do to my bike's frame.

On top of this, today's a Friday, and it's Labour Day weekend! These fucking things won't even be sent, much less received, until Tuesday.

Now, because I have serious sleeping problems (and I won't be able to see my doctor until the 28th of September) which forced me to sleep in until 9:30 (despite going to bed at 10:30 the previous night), I will have to continue working in my very angry state for another three hours or so.

It's a damn good thing I don't have a life, because if I did, all this shit would have ruined it.

- RG.

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