Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Ken Gray comeback tour

[Edit: added Ken Gray image. How could I forget!]

Beware of the Bulldog. He's a Serious JournalistKen Gray has returned from retirement. Last week, the 33-year veteran of old media announced that he was done with telling bloggers how not to blog.

He reiterates the old hyperbolic themes in this latest single, Truth through the mob. Read it now while it's still there!

This makes it awkward for the Ken Gray cover blogger (Ken Gray, an Ottawa citizen), who nevertheless appreciated the paranoid shout-out.

Me, I'm still working on sorting out the various different things said by Ken (and others), in order to write up at least 5 posts (so far) pointing out the many uncorrected (and certainly unapologized-for) errors, contradictions, ironies, and dare I say it, lies by Ken Gray.

At the moment, my screen looks like a web browser equivalent to this:

Once I get all the arguments sorted out, the jabbing puns put in the right place, and the references properly cited (something that Ken Gray says bloggers don't do), I'll post them up.

I've also been saving backup copies of all of Ken's posts and the comments thereon, lest some of them mysteriously disappear...

Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy lately at work. You see, I deliver little baggies of bulldog poo to mailboxes citywide, and lately there has been a mysterious increase in shipments... So I'm just squeezing out this little update in my lunch break.

- RG>


Alex deVries said...

Ken doesn't get:
- that today, a reputation is earned. You don't get one by having a title or a certain employer.
- not every criticism needs a reply
- any of the nuances of social media

It is all such a stark contrast to Ken's co-worker, David Reevely. David's blog is among my favourites.

RealGrouchy said...

Alex, I'm disappointed in you. Commenting with your real name!? Bloggers don't do that! (or so Ken Gray tells me)

- RG>

Jenn Jilks said...

Who knew that such bloggers lurked in the Ottawa environs?! I've gotten several twitter followers out this deal. It is quite entertaining.
/cheers from cyberspace

Anonymous said...

A summary of Ken's transgressions would be very handy! It is hard to keep track. He runs away from his own dishonesty and obsesses on the perceived errors of others.

Alex...is that the Alex that used to patrol newsgroups and the like?

RealGrouchy said...

I don't know if "summary" is the term of what I'm working on. Incidentally, it's on the back-burner. Kinda got productive/fun things to do.

- RG>

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it whenever it does come out!

Unknown said...

Ken Gray, Rick Chiarelli, Moammar Gadhafi -
separated at birth?