Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Furey vs. Motherhood and Apple Pie

The Ottawa Sun's editorial page editor, Toronto expat Anthony Furey, made an antagonistic first impression last month by shouting out his opinion on how the City of Ottawa should be run, context bedamned.

He's at it again, questioning the status quo. Only this time instead of siding with the failed 2006 efforts of rookie politician Larry O'Brien, he's siding with the failed 2000 efforts of veteran councillor Alex Cullen.

Like the 2009 Atheist bus ad issue and the 2007 Support Our Troops fight, which prompted me to create the yellowribons label for blog posts on such groupthink issues.

Like those two more recent issues, Cullen alone in 2000 in voting to remove the prayer from the start of council meetings. Furey thinks this idea's time should come around again. And while the City of Ottawa is a secular corporation, and 1 in 6 Canadians and Ontarians were non-religious in 2001, Furey doesn't realize that we can never risk offending the other 5.

Furey needs to learn that if he wants to make it in small-town Ottawa, he's going to have to support Motherhood and Apple Pie.

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