Monday, November 22, 2010

Green Bin Blues

The City announced this morning in a PSA that green bin pickup will be switching to bi-weekly. Starting immediately.

Unfortunately, this message came after the green bin pickup for my street. This morning, when I realized my almost-full green bin wasn't put out last night, I didn't rush out of the house to put it out, because I knew I would just be able to put it out next week. Other bins on my street were already picked up before I left for work this morning.

Yet this PSA was only posted on the City's website at noon today, hours after bins on our street had been picked up.

Residents using collection calendars B & D will not have Green Bin pickup during the week of November 29 to December 3.

Residents using collection calendars A & C will not have Green Bin pick up during the week of December 6 to 10.
Luckily I'm on calendar A, according to the Property Resport results when I search my address on emaps, so I'll be able to put it out after all. If I were on calendar B or D, my nearly-full bin would have had to accommodate two more weeks of material, on top of the stuff already in there after not putting it out this week.

For all the people the city's communications department hired in the last year, you'd think one of them would have a decent sense of timing.

- RG>

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the reminder -- I'll check our schedule. I had forgotten that they go to biweekly pickup over the winter. I have no idea how we will ever fit all our green bin stuff in there - we've become fanatics.