Monday, October 25, 2010

Election 2010: Score one for the white guys

With women comprising a whopping sixteen percent of the 130 candidates in Ottawa's municipal election, the old boys' club at City Hall was definitely in for a scare.

Luckily, of the retiring and ousted candidates (all white men themselves), all were replaced by white men, except Christine Leadman, who was replaced by Katherine Hobbs. This includes outgoing Kanata-South Councillor, Peggy Feltmate, whose seat was taken up by Allan Hubley. Not all of them have grey hair, but that will come with enough time at City Hall.

Outgoing council had 7 women; the incoming one will have 6, so I guess score one for the white guys.

- RG>


Chris B said...

Hey now... 60-something white guys know what is best for everyone. I will be one myself one day.

Another argument for parties though. The two jurisdictions in North America with the highest number of female councillors (rates approaching 50%) are Greater Vancouver and Greater Montreal. The only places with parties.

Lynn said...

Ugh, I totally hear you. I live in Allan Hubley's riding and I'm so disappointed that yet another aging white guy was elected - it is absolutely typical of this ward/riding. GAGH.