Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sending an amateur to do a veteran's job

Apparently, if you are declined permission to solicit in private property, it's newsworthy, so long as you are a volunteer doing things for veterans. The hilarious icing on this story's cake is that this was the volunteer's first time selling poppies to the masses on behalf of war veterans, i.e. she was not a veteran of the poppy trade.

I don't care who you're working for, I quite like my hotel visits uninterrupted by solicitors. Unless they're offering motherhood and apple pie. That's a special case that nobody should be allowed to turn away.

I wonder if we can use this sense of Veteranary entitlement for other things too.

I'm imagining a group called Vee Pee, where volunteers go to various restaurants' washrooms and take a whiz, in solidarity with those veterans whose continence was lost on other continents. If we are declined access because we're not paying customers of the establishment, we should raise a stink (harder to do without washroom access) and tell the newspapers that the restaurant doesn't care about veterans because their washrooms-are-for-paying-customers-only policy doesn't have an exception for veterans.

Oh, and as with the campaign manager in the article who dispatched the novice poppy volunteer, we won't make reservations.

- RG>

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